Vanuatu Immigration Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful information about Vanuatu's programs


How do I get citizenship by investment in Vanuatu?

Foreign investors can obtain honorary citizenship in Vanuatu through a one-time donation to the government’s Development Support Program.

How much do I have to invest to get citizenship in Vanuatu?

The criteria of donation to Vanuatu’s Development Support Program $80,000 for a single applicant and $130,000 for a family of four. Additional fees may apply, including legal services, application fees, due diligence etc.

What are the requirements for citizenship by investment in Vanuatu?

Investors must make the required donation to the country’s Development Support Program. The minimum amount of investment varies based on the number of individuals included in an application. Applicants are also required to submit basic personal documents, including police reports, birth certificates and notarized copies of their passports.

How long does it take to get citizenship by investment in Vanuatu?

If all supporting documents are submitted, an investor could receive a Vanuatu passport within two months of the application.

How many countries can I visit with a Vanuatu passport?

A passport of Vanuatu grants its holders visa-free access to 130 destinations.

Do I have to be present in Vanuatu before getting the residency-by-investment application approved?

The citizenship-by-investment of Vanuatu does not require applicants to be present before citizenship is granted. However, once the application is approved, the applicant needs to take an oath, either in Vanuatu or at a Vanuatu consulate/nominated office abroad.

Can I add my spouse and children on my application?

Investors can include their spouses and children under the age of 25 in their applications. Adult children must be dependent on the principal applicant to qualify.

What are the criteria for my children to qualify for residency or citizenship in Vanuatu?

Children under the age of 25 can be included in an investor’s citizenship-by-investment application. However, adult children must prove they are dependent on the principal applicant in order to qualify for the program.

Do I have the right to work in Vanuatu after I obtain citizenship through this program?

Honorary citizens of Vanuatu enjoy almost all rights, including working in Vanuatu, as other citizens of the country. However, honorary passport holders are not allowed to hold a post in the government or serve public offices.

Do I have to live in Vanuatu to qualify for citizenship by investment?

Investors are not required to live in Vanuatu to qualify for its citizenship-by-investment program.

What is the tax situation after obtaining residency or citizenship of Vanuatu?

Vanuatu offers a favorable tax regime for investors. Investors do not need to pay tax for their income, capital gains or inheritance.

Will Vanuatu citizenship automatically grant me European citizenship?

Vanuatu citizenship does not grant holders European citizenship. However, dual citizenship is allowed in Vanuatu.

What can I invest in to gain citizenship by investment in Vanuatu?

Investors need to make a one-time donation to the country’s Development Support Program to gain citizenship.

How long do I have to wait before I can sell my investment in Vanuatu?

The citizenship-by-investment program of Vanuatu is a donation-based program. Investors’ donation capital is not retrievable.

Will my Vanuatu citizenship expire?

Vanuatu citizenship obtained through its citizenship-by-investment program does not expire. However, Vanuatu authorities have the right to revoke an applicant’s citizenship whose status is found to be obtained fraudulently.

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