Hristo  Vasilev

Hristo Vasilev

Bulgaria Immigration Lawyer

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Hristo Vasilev is a Bulgaria immigration lawyer. He is currently an attorney with Vasilev – Dobrinov & Associates, based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Vasilev, an attorney since 2002, offers a variety of legal aid, including short-stay visas, work permits, long-term resident permits for Bulgaria, Bulgarian citizenship, registering companies and tax provisions. He also practices construction, industrial and intellectual property law, as well as litigation and arbitration.

Vasilev provides legal representation for Bulgarian and international courts. He has represented before the European Court of Human Rights and European Court of Justice.

Vasilev has been a member of the Sofia Bar Association since 2002 and a member of the International Bar Association since 2012. He earned degrees from Sofia Unviersity, including completion of a Ph.D. in civil procedure law.

Vasilev lectures on civil procedure law at a public institute and also offers freelance seminars in contractual law, debt collection and labor law. He has been a guest on television shows discussing legal issues.

Vasilev speaks Bulgarian and English.


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