Alexander Varnavas

Alexander Varnavas

Greece Immigration Consultant

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Alexander Varnavas is a partner at Varnavas Law Firm 1978, based in Athens, Greece. He specializes in real estate and investment immigration law.

Varnavas, a second-generation partner at the firm, which his father founded, manages the firm’s investment immigration special desk that supports non-EU citizens in receiving residency and citizenship by investment throughout Europe. He is a specialist in Greece’s Golden Visa program and Cyprus’ citizenship by investment system. His client base includes high net worth individuals and those from China, Russia, UAE, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt and other countries.

Varnavas’ experience includes cases of real estate transactions, from conveyancing, leases and real estate development to specialized commercial utilization such as leasing of shopping malls, sale and lease-back arrangements, and real estate-related litigation matters. He has represented companies from various industries, as well as real estate firms, construction companies, banks and their subsidiaries.

Varnavas has served as the legal counsel for Kostis Hatzidakis, a Greek development minister, regarding the development and implementation of Greek Act: 4146/2013, which grants permanent resident permits to non-EU citizens who are Greek real estate owners.

Varnavas serves on the advisory committee of the Investment Migration Council, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

He has an LL.B. from the law school at the University of Athens and LL.M. from Southampton University in the United Kingdom.

Varnavas speaks Greek, English and French.


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