February 2019 Uglobal Immigration Expo Dubai

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Feb 10-11, 2019
JW Marriott Marquis HOTEL Dubai

Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, PO Box 121000 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The 2019 Uglobal Immigration Expo Dubai will offer high-quality education from industry leaders and is expected to gather global immigration professionals from programs around the world, including Australia, Cyprus, the Caribbean, Malta, Greece, New Zealand, Portugal and the United Kingdom. The conference will feature interactive panels moderated by experienced investment immigration professionals, as well as in-depth workshops, designed specifically for attorneys, migration agents and project developers.

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Why Attend This Event?

  • Dubai has emerged as the world’s fifth most important hub for wealthy individuals
  • The MENA region accounts for 60 percent of the second-citizenship market for ultra-high net worth individuals
  • Dubai has become a magnet for foreign HNWIs with 8,600 foreign multi-millionaires
  • The millionaires in the MENA region is expected to rise to 500,000 by 2020, with many looking for alternative investment options that offer them mobility and security
  • United Arab Emirates is a hub for expats and international migrants, hosting more than 8 million
Who Will Attend This Event?

Network in a unique, cross-cultural setting with seasoned immigration professionals from around the world, including:

  • HNWIs
  • Foreign Intermediaries & Wealth Managers
  • Migration Agents
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Immigration Attorneys
  • Global Investment Immigration Service Providers


  • Thumb headshot   web   goforth  aaron

    Aaron Goforth

    Baker Tilly
  • Thumb headshot   abu jurji  farah

    Farah Abu-Jurji

    Dr. Farah Abu-Jurji Legal Services
  • Thumb 600 headshot   ajelli  alessia

    Alessia Ajelli

    LCA Studio Legale
  • Thumb headshot   web   antoniou  antonis

    Antonis Antoniou

    Giovani Developers Ltd.
  • Thumb headshot   bello  alexander

    Alex Bello

    CS Global Partners
  • Thumb headshot   chen  liz 1

    Liz Chen

    LC Migration
  • Thumb headshot   chhabria  vishal

    Vishal Chhabria

    Chhabria Law LLC
  • Thumb headshot   cicekdagi  eren

    Eren Cicekdagi

    Golden Gate Global
  • Thumb headshot   behring  colin

    Colin Behring

    Behring Companies 
  • Thumb 400 headshot   de cicco  jeff

    Jeff DeCicco

    CanAm Enterprises, LLC
  • Thumb headshot   demetriades  demetris

    Demetris  Demetriades

    Andreas Demetriades & Co. LLC
  • Thumb headshot   doolan  jenny

    Jenny Doolan

    Medousa Developers
  • Thumb headshot   elcocke harris  james

    James Elcocke-Harris

    Vanuatu Information Center
  • Thumb headshot   charles foster

    Charles Foster

    Foster Global
  • Thumb headshot   web   galati  matthew

    Matthew T. Galati

    Green and Spiegel LLC
  • Thumb headshot   goldfoot  nadine

    Nadine Goldfoot

  • Thumb headshot   heredia  pedro

    Pedro Heredia

    Pellicer & Heredia Abogados
  • Thumb headshot   hosam  kevin

    Kevin Hosam

    Naples Developers
  • Thumb headshot   web   kapuria  rohit

    Rohit Kapuria

    Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP
  • Thumb 500 headshot   karaahmet  parisa

    Parisa Karaahmet

  • Thumb headshot   kasra  marjan

    Marjan Kasra

    Law Offices of Marjan Kasra
  • Thumb 600 headshot   macedo  tiago

    Tiago Gali Macedo

    Gali Macedo Avogados
  • Thumb headshot   malik  preeya

    Preeya Malik

    Step Global
  • Thumb headshot   meyer  brandon

    Brandon Meyer

    Wolfsdorf Rosenthal LLP
  • Thumb headshot   web   nair  anusree

    Anusree Nair

    Klasko Immigration Law Partners LLP
  • Thumb headshot   nanthan  emmanual  1

    Emmanuel Nanthan

    Dominica CIU
  • Thumb headshot   pomery  adrian

    Adrian Pomery

    One Lily Pad
  • Thumb headshot   rinfel  janos

    Janos Rinfel

    Discus Holdings
  • Thumb headshot   roth  john

    John Roth

    EB5 Analytics
  • Thumb headshot   shah  mona

    Mona Shah

    Mona Shah & Associates Global
  • Thumb headshot   shah  robina

    Robina Shah

    Optimus Law
  • Thumb headshot   shi  huali

    Huali Shi

    Lee & Lee, P.S.
  • Thumb headshot   shields  daniel

    Daniel Shields

    Ascend America, LLC
  • Thumb small headshot   stubbe  sebastian

    Sebastian Stubbe

    Pine State Regional Center
  • Thumb headshot   web   triantaphyllis  christian

    Christian Triantaphyllis

    Jackson Walker LLP
  • Thumb headshot   tetrault  julien

    Julien Tétrault

    JTH Lawyers Inc.
  • Thumb headshot   vardikos  christos

    Christos Vardikos

    Vardikos and Vardikos
  • Thumb headshot   web   vazirir  abteen

    Abteen Vaziri

    Brevet Capital
  • Thumb headshot   ventour  afi new

    Afi Ventour de Vega

    Global Services Inc.
  • Thumb headshot   ying  wen lee new

    Wen-Lee Ying

    Panta Neos
  • Thumb headshot   zhao  bentley

    Bentley Zhao

    New Empire Real Estate Development


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