Global Immigration Expo Shanghai

May 14 & 15

China is the world’s second-biggest economy and has the world’s fourth-highest number of HNWI and ultra-high-net-worth individuals. China has maintained its top position as one of the biggest markets for investment immigration, making it an attractive location for the Global Immigration Expo in Shanghai this spring.

Through insightful panels featuring leading immigration experts along with a large exhibitor hall, the event is set to bring together investors, migration agencies, industry professionals, service providers, regional centers and project developers, among other global stakeholders.

The moderated educational panels aim to provide factual and timely insights into the policies shaping the global investment migration industry today and what its future may hold.

The conference will also feature a number of networking events that give attendees valuable opportunities to discuss their businesses, projects, and investments, as well as build connections with global key players.

Those interested in taking advantage of this opportunity to expand their knowledge and global business networks are encouraged to join us at this event.

Who will attend this event?

High-net-worth individuals

International migration agents

Regional centers

Project developers

Immigration and securities attorneys

Broker-dealers and many other industry service providers

Why attend this event?

Connect and grow your business networks with industry influencers

Gain knowledge from interactive educational panels

Showcase your business to a prominent gathering of global stakeholders  

China is the world’s second biggest economy, with $18 billion GDP

      China’s economy is forecasted to grow by 4.3 percent in 2023

      China has the world’s second-highest population of HNWIs and UHNWIs individuals, over 6.2 million and over 51 thousand, respectively


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